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A Living, Curated, on-line Catalogue

The New Press umbrella provides a powerful platform for the best content from partners and friends  


New Press Goals Met: 

  • Mobilizing New Press books for social change.”

  • “An online platform for specific projects that tie into author’s work

  • “A clearing-house for content that foregrounds our core subject areas: democracy, racial equity, criminal justice, education, economic inequality, environmental justice, and LGBTQ issues.”

  • “A hub of this large and diverse community, providing coherence, visibility, and connection at a moment of political peril for so many of its members.”

  • “A home on the internet for activists and non-profit workers to connect their campaigns, strategies, and demands with one another”

1.   New Press media: The large database of original content from the "Magazine",  "Home for Authors" and "University"  could be "housed" in a searchable, easy-to-navigate and expand, on-line catalog and store.  Distributing this content, with some key data management software, will help The New Press build a mailing list of people and interests.

2.   New Press distribution: As membership grows this on-line Catalog or Distribution mechanism could also include great resources from similarly aligned national and local organizations who often develop great resources that are only promoted or distributed to their members.  The New Press Distribution site could  serve as a much needed (and widely promoted) marketplace for these resources.  (Nomenclature is an issue to discuss: The New Press Distribution might be a problem.) 

Well-curated, frequently edited, and highly searchable the "database" would offer a wide array of searchable content (like this book on Retail Sales jobs mentioned in the NYTimes this week from the Russell Sage Foundationthat pass a review process to ensure that they fit into New Press categories and meet editorial standards.  The New Press and the partner would agree on the pricing (if any),  revenue and data sharing.  The site could sell, promote or simply make available:

  • Curriculum

  • Books

  • Book Club Guides

  • Podcasts

  • Lectures 

  • Webinars

  • Courses

  • Video Documentaries

  • Policy Briefs or studies 

  • White papers/studies/reports (with a general appeal) 

  • Member requested or donor funded materials created by The New Press 


Like but for progressives, New Press Distribution could also have a review & comments section and a recommend/share button - so we can learn what people thought and what they want in the future.  

Profits (when applicable) and "names captured" and any additional data will be shared with partner organizations (unlike 

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