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 books and programs with a purpose 



Every simplyput project begins with a book that combines illustration, first-person narrative, and comprehensive information to explore transformative moments, shared experiences, and complicated paradigms in the lives of families that are too often neglected by commercial publishers.

These friendly, multi-lingual, graphic guides address families authentic social, emotional, and economic challenges – while demystifying  the systems that shape all of our experiences.

Books can be powerful agents for change.  But only when they are opened, read, discussed, and digested. That's why every book is supported by tools to take information “out of the book” & into the lives of readers who may never have had that extraordinary joy that comes from reading a book that feels like it was created "just for me." 

Additional  media may include a companion workbook, additional reading lists, audio, animations, etc.) and program tools (professional development training, curriculum, implementation guides, etc.) so educators, community leaders and peers can take stories and ideas “out of the book” to spark authentic group discussion, learning and even organizing.  

These programmatic tools are are also developed organically using the  simplyput  Workshop Model with parents, compassionate teachers, caregivers and other community providers within the health, social service, education, immigration or criminal justice systems.  


Finally, we evaluate our tools and look for the impact of each project - in order to learn,  change, revise - as we distribute great materials and best practices - and keep learning from all those who have read and shared them.    

everything is created in 

The simplyput Workshop

A nationally & internationally tested model
of participatory
research, implementation & evaluation  

This iterative process “learns with” “creates with” and “pays for” the wisdom, strengths and insights within communities – ensuring it is collected, shared and used to inform, enrich, even mobilize audiences who rarely see their experiences reflected or their real concerns addressed in print or electronic media.
Our mission is to change:

  • What books, media and programs are available to parents from historically neglected audiences.

  • Whose voice, perspective and talents lead the creation of these books & media.

  • Which cultures and languages are represented, and how communities are reflected.

  • Where materials are distributed and how they are used.

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