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Lisa Bernstein,  Founder & ED

Andrea Camp

Debbie Shimburg

Dr. Charlotte Cole

Merry McKenna

Janice French

David Gould

Natika Washington

Christina Zarcadoolis

Michael Levine

Jennifer Klein

Teleange Thomas

Amy Dombro

Julia Beck

Elyse Barbell

Diane Wachtell

Ralph Smith

Nina Sazer O'Donnell

Tecee Boley

Tina Hyder

Dana Friedman

Ellen Galinsky

Ivy Turk Woolf

meet some of our creative friends

Amy Dombro is a bit of a rock star in the early childhood field. A  writer, educator, observer and thinker. she has taught us how  to really see, hear,  and deliver what families need to support their children. 

Stacey Ramirez is the ED of the Global Pediatric Alliance. She is also the program advisor to our Liberian project, and continues to worry about Bangladesh too. She has over 14 years of experience designing and managing international health and human rights programs and is the perfect travelling partner. 

Sandhya Nankani is a

writer, editor and creative free-spirit. In addition to editing our international books she has created her own app development company, is a leader of Diversity in Apps and runs Literary Safari, a highly respected educational consulting agency.

Fatu Nyain  is a midwife and social worker living in Liberia.  Her passion, warmth and love for humanity can be felt in every page of Big Belly Business.  She continues to train Big Belly Sisters to run Moms Clubs and is preparing for Big Belly Business world domination! 


Michael we're doing it for you too -  dude. Thanks for all.

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