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Now What Clubs and programs take the information out of the book and into parent's lives.   First we help providers engage parents with participatory learning opportunities to share information and support one another.   It began with pregnancy  (watch the video below from the Cleveland Baby Basics program) and will expand into new parenthood and than other topics when parents say - Now What??? and want advice and friends to talk to. Here are photographs from clubs across the country and a video that shows how the Virginia chapter has turned Moms Clubs into  a shopping trip! 

What do  parents want? To talk to other parents. 


simply put’s paradigm for health and literacy education combines joyful learning with creative and critical thinking. 

Group dynamics storytelling, art, reading, writing, singing and friendship inspire and encourage a parent’s personal and intellectual growth in ways that will enrich their own and their child’s lives far beyond the first years.

Virginia Clubs enjoy eating well on a budget.  

bb balt club

A bit of pampering is okay too! Moms club spa night sounds pretty good!

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 3.13.42 PM

They are also happy to learn new things, like how to shop for nutritious food on a tight budget

baby basics baltimore
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