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simplyput’s team of writers, educators, illustrators, and designers innovate materials, programs and systems for diverse, adult audiences. 

Past projects include:   

  • Researching markets and identifying new audiences and learning opportunities

  • Creating and publishing books and media for culturally diverse audiences.

  • Producing downloadable audio “read aloud” books.

  • Building organizational sales, on-line ordering and a distribution system (selling 750,000 copies of 1 title)  and for developing countries (50,000 book per country).

  • Creating websites that are visually appealing and easy to navigate.

  • Developing cause marketing campaigns for non-profits with  Fortune 500 corporations that drive on-line engagement including print & video, national & local media coverage, and a wide array of live events, workshops and lectures.

  • Creating  theories of change and replicable programming that include: 

    • Curriculum for  experiential learning classes and groups. 

    • Live and on-line courses and professional development programs for Schools, Libraries, Adult Learners, Community Based Health and Social Service Providers

    • Communities of practice support for non-profits, schools, Universities, City and State agencies and policy-makers in the US and around the world. 

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